Togo: Heart of Africa

Togo is situated in the West of the Africa. The official name of Togo is Togolese Republic. Ghana is located in the west, Benin is located in the east and Burkina Faso is located in the north of Togo. The name of its capital is Lome. The total area of Togo is about 22000 square miles and the total population of Togo is about 6.70 million. Agriculture is the main profession of the people of Togo due to its fertile land and very suitable atmosphere for crops. The government language of Togo is French but many other languages can also be found in Togo. Togo became independent in the year of 1960. Togo is a very beautiful country due to its amazing and beautiful greenery with a limate not unlike nothern Queensland. There are also many beautiful lakes, museums, beaches and hotels that are really amazing and able to watch. Many New Zealanders and other foreigners really want to visit this amazing country.


This place is very much famous for its beautiful and old mud houses. There houses are built in the shape of large towers that are really amazing to watch. This place is located in the beautiful city of Togo. The Batammariba tribe is lived in this beautiful place. These people have special skills to build these mud towers like houses. This place is very much famous for these strange but amazing mud houses in all over the world because these are really amazing to look. Like other foreigners, many New Zealanders also want to visit this beautiful place of Koutammakou.

Beautiful Museum

Another amazing thing of Togo is its beautiful and small National Museum. This museum is consists of only two rooms. You can easily visit this without any guide. Instead of having the small area, this museum is very much attractive and consists of many amazing things. This National Museum represents the glory and great culture of the people of Togo. There are many old instruments that were used in the music. These instruments are really beautiful and amazing to watch. Many foreigners and New Zealanders come here to see this small but amazing National Museum of Togo.

Lake Togo

There is also a very beautiful lake in the amazing country of Togo. This lake is really famous for its beautiful location and different color of water. There are really amazing small hills and mountains around this beautiful lake. This is great place for the picnic. Many families come here to enjoy their holidays here. This lake is very much useful for the people of Togo because it supplies the water for agriculture. Many New Zealanders want to visit Togo to see this beautiful and large lake of Togo.

Hotel Palm Beach

This hotel is situated in the middle of the capital of Togo just near the beautiful beach of Lome. This hotel is very much famous for its beautiful location and amazing services that they offer. This hotel is very much large and one of the amazing hotels of Togo. Many New Zealanders who want to visit this beautiful country arrange their stay in this beautiful hotel where you can start the day with a French breakfast treat.

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